ZIRCONITE PROTECTION – A Fully Athorised UK Distributor for Zirconite

We simply love cars, we love showing them, driving them, hell, we love just talking about them. However, what we love most is taking an average looking car and making it look incredible. More often than not we couldn’t find products that met with our aspirations. This led us to partner with Concept Chemicals & Coatings Ltd in the UK to become an official distributor of the ZIRCONITE UK brand.

ZIRCONITE PROTECTION’s unique position in the market place is built upon the delivery of innovative, high quality product solutions for cleaning, re-conditioning and detailing operations across the automotive, transport, marine and industrial markets.

We exclusively offer products that have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation. This ensures that every item in our store is of the highest quality and something we would personally recommend and use on our own vehicles.

continual search for ever higher standards of excellence

Since 2004, the ZIRCONITE UK brand has continued to go from strength to strength, bringing new coatings and innovative new technologies to the professional user in the automotive, marine, transport and aviation sectors.

Concept Chemicals and Coatings Ltd continues to be at the forefront of the chemical science industry, with their ongoing product development philosophy which has been from the outset, and continues to be, dedicated to ‘the pursuit of excellence’ to meet the needs of an ever evolving cleaning and detailing world.

That brings us to you…

Total protection for your pride and joy

ZIRCONITE – Protects surfaces from harmful UV fading and environmental/industrial fall-out. The Zirconite system is a complete professional range of nano-engineered, invisible coatings, formulated to chemically bond at the nano-scopic level to a full range of surfaces: paintwork, plastics, gel-coats, glass, alloy wheels, chrome, brake calipers, aluminium, leather, fabric (including convertible roofs) and carpets.

It’s time to experience the best – ZIRCONITE.

Zirconite Protection UK Distributor
Zirconite Protection UK Distributor

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